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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Twilight Saga-new session

hehe.for actually,dah xsaba gle nk tgk cite nie.
normall for girl's human being.hahah =D
ofcoz pompuan ske tgk crite nie.
got to know..new hero will be coming soon.hahahha.
i dnt care as long as the new hero is one of  the "handsome guy" criteria.
heeeee =))

TQ to final exams.they drove me crazy.

current mood = kebulur. nak makan!
current activity = facebook.myspace.blogger.heee..buku?dah campak .

haha.carry marks xnk rendah pulak.mcm tongking belacan!
baru la PART 1.
markah da mcm *%#%&*&% wtf!!!!
ohh sedihnye doh =(
and then mcm biase.last minute baru nk selak2 buku.
bukak mate luas2.
haiyhhhhh -__-''

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mad bout Blogger

YAH.everythins gotta ruin.semua older blog post dah hilang n i dunno where it goes.shittt penat gile kot bwat byk2 cmtue!! damnnn i hate when it comes to this situation.sbb nk kene setup balek.
START FROM STRATCH pulak kan!waaaaaa mamaaaaaaa tolong!!!!!!!!!! ='((